Verifiable Credentials for Decentralized Digital Identity

In the same manner as paper credentials, decentralized digital identity allows individuals to keep digital credentials in identity wallets on their devices. To make sure the credentials can neither be forged nor modified, the proofs of the credentials are stored in the blockchain. Once a credential is presented to another party, the credential can be easily verified by checking its proof in the blockchain.
This process makes credentials and their presentations tamper-evident, and as a result they are called verifiable credentials and verifiable presentations, respectively.
In paper-based credentials, the verifier must contact the issuer in order to verify if the presented credential is valid. With a decentralized digital identity platform, this is unnecessary as long as the verifier has access to the identity blockchain.

Decentralized digital identity with verifiable credentials and presentations will revolutionize how we handle, present and think about our own identity, allowing for a faster and more secure digital world.

Let's build together a decentralize world!