Document Certification

Using GS Blockchain functions for document certification allows you to:

  • assign an unique identifier to any digital object, such as a document, image, email, video or other file
  • register and time-stamp this unique identifier on a public or permissioned Blockchain
  • append transaction information for the digital object
  • independently verify and authenticate a digital object against the Blockchain registration
  • view and browse transaction history for the digital object

Blockchain and Blockcerts in Education

Using GS Blockchain functions for document certification allows you to:

The blockchain provides a new technical infrastructure of trust that is used to store an immutable history of transactions. Issuing official records to students is an example of a transaction that can be cryptographically signed, permanently recorded on the blockchain, and independently verified by anyone whom has been given access to a record.

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Digital Certificates and Diplomas on the Blockchain

The platform gives institutions the tools to securely create, manage and deliver credentials and related documents (e.g. transcripts, badges, letters of attestation, etc.).
Certificates become a marketing tool for the institutions while alumni benefit from having secure digital versions of their credentials that they can share with recruiters via social networks and other channels.
Smart Certificate revolutionizes the communication channels, efficiency and transparency in the education sector and job market.

  • Generate Certified Documents
  • Seal encrypted documents with Blockchain technology
  • Guarantee the ussuer´s origin (GDPR compliance)
  • Enable verification in one Click